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Probate is defined as the initial step of the legal process that involves the distribution of an individual's assets once they have passed away. This probate process occurs with or without the presence of a will. The person who is deceased is referred to as the decedent. The decedent leaving a will is then expressed as having died 'testate.' Without a will, the decent has died 'intestate.' As a Manassas Probate lawyer, I can help you in determining what options are best for you.

If a will is involved, it has to become deemed as legally valid in order for the process to continue. This is done by the Virginia Circuit Court, which includes the circuit court clerks as well as the deputy clerks. This court is involved in the entire process once the decedent has passed. The involvement of the court occurs with or without a will. Once the will is pronounced as a valid legal document, the probate process can continue in using that will. Without a will, the process is able to continue as well.

With or Without a Documented Will

When a will is created, you are able to include exactly how you want your assets distributed. You are also able to include as many specific instructions as possible. For example, you may state that once you're your children finish their education, they will then be entitled to their portion of the family fortune. Setting up a will may give you peace of mind in knowing that your affairs will be set in place once you pass away. The appointed executor is held responsible for overseeing that your requests are adhered to. By making it as airtight as possible, you may be able to avoid the probate process altogether.

Without an official will, you, the decedent, are now seen as having died intestate. Under the laws of Virginia Commonwealth, the Virginia Circuit Court must then appoint an individual to take over your affairs and make sure that they are in order. The appointed individual would then take over in determining how the assets should be administered. Once your funeral expenses, as well any debt you were held responsible for are paid off, the assets can then be administered. In order to discuss your options, contact me at Morisi Associates, PLLC and I would be happy to help get you started today!

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