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Getting to Know More About Elder Law

Elder law is the area of law focused around the issues relating to the aging population. These issues can range from getting your estate plan in order, all the way to dealing with nursing care arrangements. Although these issues may be somewhat uncomfortable to think about, it is better to plan ahead than have to be stuck with the burden of these concerns later on.

Estate planning is an important step to make. This process may ensure that your assets are protected and that your affairs are set up in order. By doing this, you may feel at ease in knowing that your loved ones are safe and taken care of. You have the control to decide how these assets are divided and when they will be given. For instance, you may state that the family boat is given to your grandchild once they have completed college. These certain guidelines can be expressed within your estate plan once you have spoken with a Manasses estate planning attorney.

Discussing Your Options for Retirement and Medical Care

Another thing to keep in mind is your retirement options. You will be able to discuss how you want to handle your money as well as Medicaid planning. You can go over and review these options with a Manassas elder law attorney. Planning this can help you in foreseeing potential roadblocks that may get in the way. These roadblocks can be seen as having to work longer than expected as well as either you or your spouse needing proper medical care.

The older you get, the harder it may be to take care of yourself. At Morisi Associates, PLLC, I understand this and want to be there with you throughout the process. With this, we discuss the options of nursing care and retirement options as well as a power of attorney. A power of attorney is an official document that authorizes an individual to take responsibility on your behalf. This occurs when and if you are no longer able to take care of yourself and stands even after you have passed. Contact an estate planning attorney to get started today!

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