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Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan

Everyone can benefit from creating an estate plan. When it comes to estate planning, the huge question you may ask yourself is whether or not it is the right step to take. The answer is yes. Setting up an estate plan with the proper estate planning lawyer can ensure that you keep control of your affairs. You may include specific written instructions in which has to be followed. It is completely under your control in how you want your assets to be managed. This may protect you from unwanted or irresponsible relatives trying to claim any of your assets after your passing.

An estate plan also ensures that you and your loved ones are kept safe. In the event of your passing, you will be able to decide who will become the guardian of your children. Instead of having the court decide who will be appointed, you may be kept at ease knowing that they will be in safe hands. Having an estate plan will protect your inheritors from having to pay unnecessary state taxes, court fees and any other costs involved in managing your affairs as well. Having everything arranged before your passing may guarantee that your affairs are delegated out properly.

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In the event of your passing, you may be able to prepare for your funeral arrangements. This may not be an easy topic to think about; however, it is an important one. Setting up an estate plan will ensure that your funeral requests are fulfilled. Let's say for instance that you want to be cremated instead of being buried in the family plot. Creating an estate plan with a probate lawyer can guarantee you of that request. You can also take some of that burden off of your loved ones so that they are not held responsible for the costs and arrangements during such an already upsetting time.

Although people typically associate this process with death or having to be wealthy, it is not always the case. If you were to become disabled or incapable of delegating your assets, you would want someone to keep your affairs in order. You may do this by appointing a trusted individual as your power of attorney within your estate plan. The proper Manassas estate planning lawyer may also guarantee that such things as your car, jewelry, etc. are passed on to the right people. Contact Morisi Associates, PLLC to get started today!

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